Alexandra S. Badiu is a Romanian children’s book illustrator, animator and visual developer for animation. She got published in Turkey and United Kingdom. She participated in various group exhibitions in Europe and USA. She was recognized by Communication Arts, 3x3 magazine and Creative Quarterly for her children’s book and editorial illustrations. Columbia Scholastic Press Gold Circle Awards recognized her for SCAD Magazine cover. She has worked on many student projects creating backgrounds for animated senior films and participated in collaborative projects with the Harlem Globetrotters, Adult Swim, Hallmark Cards and Kwippit app as a student. She was the multimedia editor for SCAD Connector and SCAN Magazine in her last year of studies at SCAD Atlanta. She is currently working an a children's book project for a Turkish publisher while creating artwork for an animated project. 

Her love of animation and books drove her decision to becoming a children’s book illustrator. Creating visual worlds and the ability to share it with children is her ultimate passion. Because she grew up admiring these worlds created by other people and the opportunity to make the next generation feel the same is priceless to her. ­­

Alexandra enjoys illustrating children’s fantasy stories and children’s science stories. She believes science is an important subject for every kid to learn and what better way than a fun children's book to introduce your kids to science. Most of her artwork is clear and straightforward in order to communicate better with young children. She works digitally but practices and sketches traditionally to keep the natural aspect of her brush strokes intact. She loves to sketch landscapes and nature with gouache and bring the texture of traditional mediums to the digital world.